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This paper craft model is for the Space Battleship Yamato (Uchuu Senkan Yamato) paper model template.  This is the spaceship from the anime series Space Battleship Yamato. According to the fictional continuity of the anime series, the spacecraft was built inside the remains of the Japanese battleship Yamato. In the American dub of the series, Star Blazers, the spaceship has the same origin, but was renamed the Argo. In Spanish-speaking countries its name was changed to Intrepid. And this hard to find Space Battleship Yamato papercraft model template is available on JPG version (image version) only with a few download links to choose from below.

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 Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft Model Template
(Space Battleship Yamato - tv series)

Space Battleship Yamato (Japanese: 宇宙戦艦ヤマト Hepburn: Uchū Senkan Yamato?, also called Cosmoship Yamato) is a Japanese science fiction anime series featuring an eponymous spacecraft.  It is also known to English-speaking audiences as Space Cruiser Yamato; an English-dubbed and heavily[opinion] edited version of the series was broadcast on North American and Australian television as Star Blazers.  The first two seasons ("The Quest for Iscandar" and "The Comet Empire") of this version were broadcast in Greece in 1981–82 as Διαστημόπλοιο Αργώ ("Spaceship Argo"). An Italian-language version was also broadcast under the name Star Blazers in Italy, and a Portuguese-language version was successfully shown in Brazil under the title Patrulha Estelar ("Star Patrol"), Viaje a la Ultima Galaxia ("Voyage to the Final Galaxy") or Astronave Intrepido ("Starship Intrepid") in Spain and Latin America, a version called Stjärnbrigaden ("Star Brigade") was released in Sweden, and Nusoor Al Fada'a ("Space Eagles") in the Arabic version.

Download Space Battleship Yamato Papercraft Model Template

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Some info about the Space Battleship Yamato :

Set in the year 2199, an alien race known as the "Gamilas" ("Gamilons" in the English Star Blazers dub) unleash radioactive meteorite bombs on Earth, rendering the planet's surface uninhabitable.  Humanity has retreated into deep underground cities, but the radioactivity is slowly affecting them as well, with humanity's extinction estimated in one year. Earth's space fleet is hopelessly outclassed by the Gamilas and all seems lost until a message capsule from a mysterious crashed spaceship is retrieved on Mars. The capsule yields blueprints for a faster-than-light engine and an offering of help from Queen Starsha of the planet Iscandar in the Large Magellanic Cloud. She says that her planet has a device, the Cosmo-Cleaner D (Cosmo DNA), which can cleanse Earth of its radiation damage.

The inhabitants of Earth secretly build a massive spaceship inside the ruins of the gigantic Japanese battleship Yamato which lies exposed at the former bottom of the ocean location where she was sunk in World War II. This becomes the "Space Battleship Yamato" for which the story is titled. Using Starsha's blueprints, they equip the new ship with a space warp drive, called the "wave motion engine", and a new, incredibly powerful weapon at the bow called the "Wave Motion Gun". The Wave Motion Engine (波動エンジン hadō enjin?) is capable of converting the vacuum of space into tachyon energy, as well as functioning like a normal rocket engine, and providing essentially infinite power to the ship, it enables the Yamato to "ride" the wave of tachyons and travel faster than light. The Wave Motion Gun (波動砲 hadō hō?), also called the Dimensional Wave Motion Explosive Compression Emitter, is the "trump card" of the Yamato that functions by connecting the Wave Motion Engine to the enormous firing gate at the ship's bow, enabling the tachyon energy power of the engine to be fired in a stream directly forwards. Enormously powerful, it can vaporize a fleet of enemy ships—or a small continent (as seen in the first season, fifth episode)—with one shot; however, it takes a brief but critical period to charge before firing.

In the English Star Blazers dub, the ship is noted as being the historical Yamato, but is then renamed the Argo (after the ship of Jason and the Argonauts). A crew of 114 departs for Iscandar in the Yamato to retrieve the radiation-removing device and return to Earth within the one-year deadline. Along the way, they discover the motives of their blue-skinned adversaries: the planet Gamilas, sister planet to Iscandar, is dying; and its leader, Lord Desslar ("Desslok" in the Star Blazers dub), is trying to irradiate Earth enough for his people to move there, at the expense of the "barbarians" he considers humanity to be.

The first season contained 26 episodes, following the Yamato's voyage out of the Milky Way Galaxy and back again. A continuing story, it features the declining health of Yamato's Captain Okita (Avatar in the Star Blazers dub), and the transformation of the brash young orphan Susumu Kodai (Derek Wildstar) into a mature officer, as well as his budding romance with female crewmember Yuki Mori (Nova Forrester). The foreign edits tend to play up the individual characters, while the Japanese original is often more focused on the ship itself. In a speech at the 1995 Anime Expo, series episode director Noboru Ishiguro said low ratings and high production expenses forced producer Yoshinobu Nishizaki to trim down the episode count from the original 39 episodes to only 26. The 13 episodes would have introduced Captain Harlock as a new series character.

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