About Me

I am JJ.  I simply like doing papercrafts.  Call me a paper craft hobbyist if you may.

In this little blog, my intentions are not to become famous or to attract fortune.  That would be nice though.  Just like you, I go solely for the pure glory and enjoyment of making the papercraft models.

It is for a fact that I only copy the paper craft model templates online. Despite this, it's very visible that I also made some strenuous efforts in putting up this list of paper craft models.  I've specially made the images myself after rendering the PDO files and doing some photoshop or gimp works on them plus generating the easy PDF template versions so that every body can see and use it.  And to think, I don't even know graphics design.

In a sense, with this little compilation of mine, I am also sharing these to you all. 

Thank you.